Chad Weller, Running Coach

A professional ultra-marathoner since 2010 and a runner for nearly 22 years, Chad Weller competes in races around the world, ranging from 50k to 100 miles. Since he began coaching in 2000, Chad has worked with thousands of individuals, helping them achieve success they never thought possible. If you are ready to take your fitness goals to the next level, Coach Weller will take you there with individualized TrainingPeaks running plans and coaching sessions designed to optimize your athletic performance.

5 Point Weller Method 


For over twelve years, Chad Weller has employed the Five-Point Weller Method to train athletics for the physical and mental rigor of professional level. Utilizing a combination biomechanics and gait analysis Chad, videos your running, playing back each step in slow motion to identify any injury-producing abnormalities that may be holding you back. Having coached over 10,000 clients, Chad is now partnering with Boulder Running Company, helping thousands more avoid injury through proper form and technique.

Florida 50 Mile

For Chad, competing as a professional ultra-marathoner is part of a journey to inspire people around the world. With gritty determination, he demonstrates that everything is possible, serving as a guide for living a fulfilling life. A vegan for nearly 25 years, he knows the art of delicately balancing one’s diet to optimize athletic performance and a positive attitude. Chad is also a dynamic speaker, encouraging individuals to unlock the power within, sharing techniques for staying the course when the summit seems insurmountable.