For Chad, competing as a professional ultra-marathoner is part of a journey to inspire people around the world. With gritty determination, he demonstrates that everything is possible, serving as a guide for living a fulfilling life. A vegan for nearly 25 years, Chad knows the art of delicately balancing one’s diet to optimize athletic performance and a positive attitude. Chad is also a dynamic speaker, encouraging individuals to unlock the power within, sharing techniques for staying the course when the summit seems insurmountable. A humanitarian with a heart for conservation, he actively teams with progressive causes and brands that champion the planet. If you are ready to take your fitness and life goals to the next level, “Coach Weller” is prepared to take you there with individualized running plans by Training Peaks, allowing you to train wherever and whenever you desire.

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Chad embodies passion, perseverance, and a tremendous competitive drive. Not only does Chad compete in rigorous athletic events, running up to 100 miles at a time, but he also has proven results, winning his age group in the Florida Everglades 50-Mile race in 2014.


"Everything changed once I began training with Chad. With great knowledge and care, Chad enabled me to focus on improvement and longevity. Leading by example, he took my performance to the next level through a combination of diet, exercise, and mental toughness." — José Ortega

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Chad strives for greatness in all areas life; not only is he a Professional Ultra-Marathoner, covering distances of 100 miles in a single day, but he is also a devoted Vegan, consuming no animal products whatsoever, topics he discusses in seminars, lectures, and assemblies.